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MallowPuffs Brains

MallowPuffs for brains this Halloween.


Ingredients for the base:

1x packet of Griffin’s MallowPuffs biscuits


Ingredients for the icing:

1 cup icing sugar


2 drop yellow food colouring

2 drop red food colouring and extra for brushing

4 drops pink food colouring

Prepared white fondant*


1. In a bowl, mix icing sugar with water, slowly adding in more liquid until the texture of toothpaste is formed.


2. Mix the pink, red and yellow food colouring together in a separate bowl. Put the colour mix into the icing bowl a drop at a time until desired colour is achieved.


3. Spread on top of the Mallow Puffs using a knife and put aside to start setting.


4. Using the white fondant, roll 20 thick ropes. Position on top of the Mallow Puffs in a wave pattern (as shown) to look as brainish as you can.


5. With a brush, paint the brains with food colouring mixture until desired colour is achieved.


6. Just before serving, paint red food colouring on the brains to create that realistic glisten.


*Can be purchased from supermarkets and specialist stores.

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