Chocolate Chippie Tiramisu Trifle

| Chocolate Chippie Tiramisu Trifle

Chocolate Chippie Tiramisu Trifle

Check out this incredible trifle made by Super Baker Stephanie.  This recipe has layers of Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippies, coffee jelly, custard, and cream.  Oh so delicious!

Prep time: Overnight
Makes: One large trifle

Recipe: Stephanie, a Griffin’s Super Baker from Kaiapoi


500ml cream, whipped
1 cup of black instant coffee 
Kahlua 25ml (optional)
1-2 packets of Griffin’s Chocolate Chippies
100g chocolate, grated
Broken meringue (optional)

Coffee jelly:
500ml of black instant coffee 
2 tsp gelatine


Coffee custard:
1 litre of custard 
2 tsp of black instant coffee


Chocolate filling:
500ml cream, whipped
100g dark chocolate, finely chopped


Make your coffee jelly the day before:


  1. Make 500ml of black instant coffee.
  2. Dissolve 2 tsp of gelatine into the coffee.
  3. Pour into an ice cream container (or similar sized container) and place into the fridge to set. This can take a few hours so Stephanie suggests doing it the day before and leaving in the fridge overnight.


Trifle eating day:


  1. Make the coffee custard by mixing the instant coffee into the custard. Set aside to cool.
  2. Make the chocolate filling by whipping up the first 500ml cream, then fold in the finely chopped dark chocolate.
  3. Whip the remaining cream and set aside.
  4. Take jelly out of the fridge, turn out and slice into 1cm cubes. Set aside.
  5. Make 1 cup of coffee (add Kahlua if using).  
  6. Dip the Cookie Bear Chocolate Chippies quickly into the coffee/Kahlua mix and layer into your trifle bowl to cover the base, with one layer around the edge of the bowl.
  7. Start layering in the trifle ingredients, adding cubes of jelly, coffee custard, chocolate filling and cream.
  8. Add another layer of dipped biscuits and repeat until the bowl is full or you’ve run out of ingredients.
  9. Finish with a little grated chocolate, crumbled Griffin’s Chocolate Chippies on top, or broken meringue pieces.


Your Tiramisu Trifle can be eaten straight away, or leave in the fridge for a few hours so the flavours can develop.

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