Butter Shortbread Frankenstein’s

| Butter Shortbread Frankenstein’s

Butter Shortbread Frankenstein’s

Freaky Frankenstein faces, made from Butter Shortbread.


1x pack of Griffin’s Butter Shortbread

Prepared green fondant*

Prepared black fondant*

Prepared white royal icing*


1. Frankenstein faces are made to fit perfectly on our Butter Shortbread bikkies, so start by rolling out the green and black fondant using the biscuit as a size guide. To create his face, cut the green fondant to fit the biscuit and stick to the front.


2. To style a hairline, measure the black fondant to be the same width as the biscuit, though the length can be as long as you like. Cut a squiggly line along the bottom for that classic Frank look, then place the ‘hair’ on top of the green fondant.


3. For the nose, roll up a small ball of green fondant and press firmly into place. Squeeze a drop of white royal eye-cing to make the eyes.


4. Before it dries, add a rolled up ball of black fondant to make the pupils. Don’t worry about making it look perfect - they are monsters after all.


5. For the scars and mouth, slice off thin strips of black fondant using the picture as a reference - or make up your very own Frankenstein creation.


*Can be purchased from supermarkets and specialist stores.

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