Gingernut Trifle

| Gingernut Trifle

Gingernut Trifle

Gingernuts Trifle - the new Christmas crowd pleaser.

  • 1 packet of Griffin’s Gingernuts biscuits
  • Ready-made Ginger Cake/Loaf*
    850g can Black Doris Plums and liquid
  • 250ml Custard
  • 300ml Cream
  • Ginger Ale or sherry for soaking biscuits
  • Berries for garnish (optional)

1. Cut cake into chunky pieces.

2. Cut plums in half and discard the stones.

3. Soak Gingernuts in ginger ale or sherry until slightly soft and break in half.


To assemble: 

1. Whisk the custard and cream together to form soft peaks.

2. Place cake in the base of the trifle bowl, then spoon over black doris plums, cream and Gingernuts. Repeat the layering until the bowl is full.

3. Place in the fridge, covered, for at least a couple of hours or overnight for the flavours to mould together. Garnish with some whole berries when ready to serve and get ready for all the compliments!


*Can be purchased from supermarkets and specialist stores.

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